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 An update from Skilaufers President Curt Armstrong

I stopped by the East Side Club last week, and they didn't have our reservation for the September meeting, but I got that straighten out.
The new rental amount is $300 and applying the $200 credit from the April and May 2020 meetings leaves a $100 charge to us for the September meeting.
We won't pay for October meeting until October in case it is cancelled, then there won’t be any credit due to us.
The Nine Thirty Standard Band is scheduled for the September meeting and Rick n’ Rise’ are scheduled for October.

       - Curt Armstrong, club president

Skilaufers (pronounced "she-law-fers") is an outdoor and social activities club.  We ski, bike, hike, canoe and kayak, camp, dance, golf, play cards and more, depending on the season.  Most members are from the Madison area. 

We host weekly TGIF happy hours on Fridays at local restaurants where we meet, eat, and visit – guests are welcome! We also host a “Keen Cuisine” outing to restaurants on the third Wednesday of the month, September through April.  Our monthly meetings are held the second Tuesday of the month at the Eastside Club, uniquely situated on the shore of Lake Monona with a beautiful view of downtown Madison. Meetings start at 7:00 p.m. and include dance music provided by live bands at 7:30. This is a safe, social environment in which to enjoy yourself. Beverages are reasonably priced, guys and gals are friendly, and the music is always good.

Skilaufers was organized over 45 years ago by a group of young, single professionals working in the Madison area. The club is still a singles group, although married people, who may have met at club functions, can and do participate in our activities. Our club has a 12 member board of directors to guide us. They plan and execute activities, with input from the members, during the year. Membership rewards you with many things to do with other singles, good music every month, a newsletter, and the fun of TGIFs, skiing, hiking, dancing and more! Membership is $15 or $20; $15 if you are interested in viewing the newsletter here on our website, or as an email attachment instead of receiving a newsletter in the mail.  It is $20 if you are interested in receiving a newsletter in the mail. Both memberships include free admission to General Meetings. 

We WELCOME new members and invite you to come and meet new people and join in on our fun activities!



The monthly meetings have been suspended thru August 2021 due to the coronavirus.

The President’s Message - September 2021 

Election Reminder

Cindy Rice volunteered to recruit people willing to run for the Skilaufer BD at the Sept 14,2021 meeting and elections. She did a great job, 1st time in 10 years we have had more people willing to run than positions. Last election was April 2019. Since than we have not had a meeting or elections due to restrictions on meeting due to the Corona Virus.
Diane Liebert: VP, Al Schams: Treasurer, Marianne Fitzsimmons: Activities, Mary Tremain: Activities, Dan Eggerding: Web Master, Mary Tremain: Activities, Cindy Rice: Activities and Karen Stobig: Activities have agreed to run for the Skilaufer BD.
Curtis Armstrong and Pam Julian have agreed to run again for the BD.
Nancy Vidlak and Karen Barootian have decided not to run again after 10 years of service to our club. Thank You for your dedication.
We have 6 positions for the Ski BD. Last membership count on March 2020 was 120, so we will need 24 members to have 20% to have a quorum to vote. Anybody can run for the Skilaufer BD, being nominated from the floor at the elections. Anybody can run an activity; you don’t have to be on the BD to run it. You just need to get it oked by the BD.
Look to the Skilaufer web site for any last-minute changes for the meeting, due to possible changes from the City of Madison or Dane CTY health because for Corona Virus issues.

Curtis Armstrong

     (To be continued below.)
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Keen Cuisine is cancelled until further notice.