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Skilaufers First Weekday Lunch 
Wednesday, Jan. 12 Monks 1050 N Edge Trl Verona 11:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. 
HAS BEEN CANCELED due to Corona Virus concerns... It will be rescheduled later in the spring.​

More Future Events 
Plans are being made for a Valentine’s dance and a Mardi Gras party. Also, 
Sunday Afternoon at the Roxbury Tavern. Details to follow.

Club Officers
President: Curtis Armstrong 608-514-5767 craarmy@yahoo.com
Vice President: Diane Martin Liebert 608-698-4143 dwliebert@gmail.com
Treasurer: Lin Carlson 608-239-3287 linpete2611@yahoo.com
Membership/Secretary: Pam Julian 608-225-3044 jp1870@yahoo.com
Web Master: Dan Eggerding 408-583-7021 de_vista@hotmail.com
Activities: Mary Ann Fitzsimmons 608-358-0007 marzifitz@msn.com
Newsletter Editor: Kevin Murphy 608 833-3803 kj-murphy1@outlook.com


Skilaufers (pronounced "she-law-fers") is an outdoor and social activities club.  We ski, bike, hike, canoe and kayak, camp, dance, golf, play cards and more, depending on the season.  Most members are from the Madison area. 

We host weekly TGIF happy hours on Fridays at local restaurants where we meet, eat, and visit – guests are welcome! We also host a “Keen Cuisine” outing to restaurants on the third Wednesday of the month, September through April.  Our monthly social get-to-gethers are held the second Tuesday of the month at the VFW Club on Cottage Grove Rd. This is a safe, social environment in which to enjoy yourself. Beverages are reasonably priced, guys and gals are friendly, and the music is always good.

Skilaufers was organized over 45 years ago by a group of young, single professionals working in the Madison area. The club is still a singles group, although married people, who may have met at club functions, can and do participate in our activities. Our club has a 12 member board of directors to guide us. They plan and execute activities, with input from the members, during the year. Membership rewards you with many things to do with other singles, good music every month, a newsletter, and the fun of TGIFs, skiing, hiking, dancing and more! Membership is $15 or $20; $15 if you are interested in viewing the newsletter here on our website, or as an email attachment instead of receiving a newsletter in the mail.  It is $20 if you are interested in receiving a newsletter in the mail. Both memberships include free admission to General Meetings. 

We WELCOME new members and invite you to come and meet new people and join in on our fun activities!



Lunch at Monks in Verona, 1050 N. Edge Trl, 11:30-2:30 Jan 12.  HAS BEEN CANCELED due to Corona Virus concerns...  It will be rescheduled later in the spring.

Next Skilaufer Social Get-together is on the second Wednesday at the VFW Club on Cottage Grove Rd on Jan 12 at 6pm. There’s live music in the barroom. This NOT a board or formal club meeting.

Our 55th anniversary, originally 
set for October, is being postponed
until spring

President’s Message

Thank you to all who showed up to vote! Some years we have barely had enough to form a quorum, or had to wait more than an hour. This September, we had a quorum by 6:45. We needed 21 but had 35-40 members present. 

Lin Carlson, Dan Eggerding, Mary Ann Fitzsimmons, Pam Julian, Diane Liebert and myself were elected to the Board of Directors. I was re-elected President.

The Board met and decided to cancel the October meeting, the club’s 55th anniversary. The anniversary celebration could be held next spring depending on the Covid situation. The Board also canceled the monthly dances and moved social get-to-getherss to the Jan 12 at 6pm at VFW Club on Cottage Grove Rd. There’s live music in the barroom and the backroom provides a quieter setting.

The Club will resume collecting annual membership dues in January, $15 gets you a emailed copy of the newsletter, $20 for a mailed hard copy. Fees aren’t prorated no matter when a member joins. Or, pay $5 as a visitor for each event until the first of the year. Our activities director, Mary Ann Fitzsimmons, wants to hear your ideas about activities the club should consider. (Click on the key above marked "Renewal & New Membership Form") 
                                                            - Curt Armstrong 

James Cox 1958-2021
Long time Skilaufers member James Cox, husband of Nancy Cox, died August 17 from health issues that were not related to Covid-19. Funeral services will be in the spring most likely near the end of April. Further information will be provided as it becomes available.

     (To be continued below.)

Club Anniversary
Photos from our activities see more by clicking on Photo Gallery tab.
50th Anniversary - see more photos by clicking on Photo Gallery tab. 
(This space is now being reserved for announcements or events that come up after the current month's newsletter is published.)  
Next earliest Newsletter will be
 September 2021!
Keen Cuisine is cancelled until further notice.