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Skilaufers (pronounced "she-law-fers") is an outdoor and social activities club.   Most members are from the Madison area. 

We host weekly TGIF happy hours on Fridays at local restaurants where we meet, eat, and visit – guests are welcome!  Check TGIF tab for details.

Skilaufers was organized over 57 years ago by a group of young, single professionals working in the Madison area. The club is still a singles group, although married people, who may have met at club functions, can and do participate in our activities. Our club has a 8 member board of directors to guide us. They plan and execute activities, with input from the members, during the year. Membership is $15.

We WELCOME new members and invite you to come and meet new people and join in on our fun activities!



Sept. 24th Pontoon Cruise Enjoyed by All.
To those Skilaufers who were lucky enough to be a passenger on The Sept. 24th Pontoon Cruise were rewarded with excellent lake weather; It was not quite 70 with light breezes and the setting sun was behind us as we headed back to the locks. Steve Holtzman, our Captain, shared stories from his wealth of information about Mendota's history. The early history included stories about Indigenous tribes, Indian Mounds, and early settlers. He told us some boat stories, and in paraticular, he told about how certain boats and boat wrecks disturbed the lake's bottom revealing what lay there at the bottom of the Lake thousands of years ago. 

Like all Skilaufer outings, afterward we enjoyed really good food and commradship at Grandpa's Pizza on Williamson St. When the evening was over, there was a sense that everyone had fun and the event was a success.

Activities for October. 
The October activities have been changed. There will be an October Hike at Governor's Island on the grounds of Mendota Mental Health Institute. Besides experiencing an easy fall hike, you will see the many Indian mounds throughout the area. You can also look forward to visiting the Epic Campus led by a tour guide. The dates for these two events will be announced.

Christmas Party is December 13th. 
Brennan's Cider Farm is the place. Invite your non Skilaufer friends to meet Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus who will have a holiday present for everyone who brings a present. Bruce Nichols and Friends will add to the festivities with seasonal songs. Food? Yes. The best appetizers in town + alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks available for purchase. 

Comments, Questions: Contact Mary Ann Fitzsimmons or 608-358-0007.

Diane’s Message
Hi folks. Our club is now 57 years old and as a result we are in the process of reorganizing some of our activities. For example, downhill skiing is no longer our priority activity. The TGIF’s still are, however.

This past year we held our regular two holiday picnics, a Christmas party, a bingo party, a pontoon ride in the Madison lakes, a visit to the Dane County Zoo and two hikes.  Currently we have more hikes and monthly slow bike rides in the pipeline. See above.

As other activities become available, they will be posted on this website and if you have paid you dues and I have your email address, you will get timely notifications online.

Currently we are four board members short, please consider joining us to help expand our club.

Diane (Martin) Liebert 

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50th Anniversary - see more photos by clicking on Photo Gallery tab. 
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